F1: Alonso Has Delusions of Greatness

Fernandez Alonso had a good season, second place in the championship was an excellent result given that he was probably in the third best car this season. Yet to hear the stories coming from the Spaniard's camp would suggest that he dragged a HRT or Marussia to this wonderful achievement.

Ferrari certainly didn't do a great job with its car, but whilst others had mechanical problems and other team errors, Ferrari provided Alonso with a car which was always quick in race trim and, just as important, never failed on him. Given that he also had the benefit of Felipe Massa running development parts for much of the season, plus the Brazilian's ready acceptance of number two status, and you have a combination that should have been a championship challenger.

In the same vein, Kimi Raikonnen did a fantastic job with the Lotus, and was at least as brilliant as Alonso in taking third in the Championship. Only he didn't feel the need to spend time belittling his opponent or blowing his own trumpet. Something nemesis Lewis Hamilton was guilty of too.

Vettel's championship win was well earned and well deserved. If anyone thinks it was just the car that won it, they should look down the finishing order to see how well Mark Webber did with the thing.

I for one will be very happy to see much more of the Sebastian Vettel winning streak in 2013...


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