Why Office Will Come To Android and iOS

Speculation continues into the future of Microsoft Office. Will it jump platforms and support tablets and smartphones that compete with Microsoft and their partners?

The answer is obvious: it has too.

Microsoft are staring down the barrel of the biggest PC market downturn ever. OEMs are shipping fewer and fewer PCs. As a result Microsoft are going to see knock on effects on Windows license sales and onwards purchases of Office, its real money maker.

Where are those sales going? Well last quarter the blooming tablet market was a quarter of the size of the PC market. Smartphone sales will soon overtake PC sales, tablets will follow not too long after.

Microsoft has always been a slave to its Office division, as its always been a license to print money. With fewer people using PCs that's unlikely to be the case in the future.

So Microsoft faces a stark choice - stick to Office on PCs and die a slow lingering death as Office and Windows sales fall through the floor or swallow a bitter pill and start competing with Google and others currently offering Office compatible packages to the new consumer tablets that people are actually buying.

Microsoft will launch its Office package to both Android and iOS platforms, but unless you are an Office 365 user I very much doubt you'll be able to use it.

Microsoft have gone big on its new cloud platform, sales units within the business are being primed to chase anything that smells like an Office 365 lead and for consumers, getting an actual copy of Office for their tablets might just be the value add that 365 needs to get them signed up and create a foothold in the marketplace.


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