Vettel at the Treble

Sebastian Vettel added yet another record to his collection today with a fine drive in Brazil to clinch his third World Championship, the youngest ever triple champion and only the third man to win three titles back to back.
The Vettel detractors have always accused him of being unable to overtake and this year he has readily proven this to not be the case. Both his penalty in Texas and Senna-induced spin in Brazil left him needing to charge through the field. In the latter case with significant damage to his car. That he had all but caught Alonso by the first round of pitstops showed great pace and skill.
Alonso would have been a worthy champion based on his performances over the year. However his lack of pace in the last two races were telling. Team mate Massa was faster in both and gave up better results in both races to support Alonso. A win in either would have been enough to take the title. Neither looked likely.
It was a fine year of racing, with a conclusion that was worthy of the raving that had gone before it. The best man won and whilst he continues to drive at this elevated level is hard to see his peers beating him.
Congratulations to a worthy champion.


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