Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Vespa Goes... Retro?

Vespa 946 
Actually I'm not altogether sure this counts as retro, more a bit of a celebration of the past. My word its a fine looking scooter though...

This is the Vespa 946 - a homage to the MP6 World War 2 prototype and its a lovely looking thing. It's not even on the Vespa UK website yet, so pricing is obviously a mystery. That's if Vespa even decide to sell it here, I'm not sure this will look right rasping down London's side streets on a rainy day. Much more at home gliding gracefully through Mediterranean sunshine on the Riviera somewhere fashionable...

Mind you, with a economy test rating of 130mpg, it may be the only way to travel at the rate fuel costs are rising! Where do I sign?

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