So I Bought an iPad Mini

When Apple launched the iPad mini a couple of weeks back it was a product that held no interest to me. After all I had just sold my Nexus 7 after deciding that a 7" tablet was too close in size to the Galaxy Note 2 without adding greatly to its functionality.

So how have I ended up with a mini in my gadget collection?

The easy answer is that I've no self control when it comes to shiny new gadgets. However, that's only part of the answer here. The iPad mini clearly demonstrates that the best iPad is the one you have with you and whereas a 10" tablet is not something I'd ever contemplate carrying around with me, a 7" is just the right size to slip into a coat pocket or possibly a larger back pocket.

Functionally its an iPad - its pretty much a shrunken iPad 2 with a Lightning connector. Everything that you got on your iPad 2 works just the same here. And that's a good thing. Standard resolution is by far the most common size for iPad apps.

This isn't a cheaper, smaller iPad. It feels like the device the iPad should always have been.


Seth Trujillo said…
Is it really that muh better than an iPod touch? I've been hesitant to get an iPad (and now iPad mini) for anything other than watching movies on trips.
elbowz said…
It's bigger, so if you're prepared to trade a little portability for a lot of functionality then its much better than the iPT.

If you already have a smartphone then the mini is the easy choice. If not and you don't intend getting one, then I'd probably say go with the Touch

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