F1: Vettel or Alonso To The Wire?

We're approaching the denouement of this year's F1 Championship, with a third title bound for one of the two remaining protaganists. Its been a funny old season, calling to mind nothing less than the chaos of 1982, when regulation changes and terrible misfortune produced one of the most unpredictable and least enjoyable seasons in history.

This year has been something of a more pleasant ride. We've had the pleasure of watching some of the closest matched teams and drivers in living memory. Six teams have managed to produce race winning cars, eight drivers have stood on the top step and the title goes to the wire between the fastest driver and the best one. Probably.

Bizarrely the team that has the strongest driver pairing and the fastest car over the season won't be involved in the battle for the title. Mclaren looked likely to romp to the title earlier in the season but mistake after mistake, failure after failure, they have allowed first Alonso and Ferrari; and then Vettel and Reb Bull to leave them trailing.

Vettel can clinch the title at the inaugral race at the Circuit of the Americas, Alonso can only prolong the battle. Either would be a worthy triple World Champion, writing their names alongside the greats.

So long as the title is decided by speed and skill on the track and not through the intervention of another driver I'll be happy.


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