F1: Hang On, Its Not Over Yet, Ferrari Considering Vettel Protest

Looks like we might get a worst case scenario tomorrow, as Ferrari, allegedly pushed by Fernando Alonso, are considering a protest against the Red Bull of Sebastian Vettel for an illegal overtake  as shown in the video below. It appears that Vettel passes an STR under a yellow caution light. It seems a very strange thing for Vettel to have done, especially given the cool head he demonstrated on Sunday, but the evidence is there in the video.
The only potential information we don't have is whether there was a green flag being shown at the pitlane entrance marshall's post, which would override the yellow lights at trackside. There was certainly a green flag there the lap before, so it doesn't seem an unreasonable assumption. Nevertheless the penalty will rest on facts, not assumptions.
Given that the incident happened on lap 4 and therefore Vettel would have received his penalty by lap 7, early enough that the impact of the safety cars would have negated it, it would be a terrible way to decide the driver's championship. Potentially damaging the sport beyond repair. The FIA have until Friday night to decide if there is a case to answer. Let's hope they come to the right decision.


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