Apple and HTC Reach Patent Agreement

Yes, you read that right, Apple and HTC have signed a 10 year licensing agreement which ends all existing courtroom battles and cross-licenses all existing and future patents for the next decade.

This is fantastic news and hopefully signals a realisation amongst players in the smartphone market that the constant warring over 'innovations' hurts everybody, not least the consumer. As the old saying goes: an eye for an eye means we all end up blind.

With Google-owned Motorola pulling back from aggressive patent positions, Microsoft and others coming to understandings and now HTC and Apple all friendly it only leaves Samsung and Apple at loggerheads.

The current fallout between the top two players in the smartphone game looks to be more of a rift than other disputes and I suspect will take a lot more healing than those that have gone before.

Nonetheless, as the consumers of all this technology I think we can be happy that this is a move in the right direction.


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