The Troubling Unmasking of @comfortablysmug

During the worst of the recent storm that hit New York, twitter user @comfortablysmug posted false information to the micro blogging site. I'm sure he wasn't the only one and I'm also not surprised.
Some people clearly took a different view. His real world identity has been exposed,  he has lost his job and could face criminal charges.
Absolutely crazy and an adequate demonstration of the stupidity of some of the people that use twitter.

Let's recap:

Twitter is NOT a reliable news source.

Those people who re-tweeted the false posts as if it were news should face charges if anyone should. Journalists who researched what was happening by trawling Twitter should lose their jobs immediately. And face criminal charges.

Many are trying to justify the unmasking by claiming the user was "being a dick" by that measure half the population should face similar sanction on a daily basis.
Coming so soon after the Tom Daly case, Robin Hood airport case and the Bald for Bieber scam it's clear that Twitter needs to do something with its feeds. Maybe prefixing every tweet with the message "this message is a form of entertainment, it's contents may be humorous, a falsehood or offensive.  Do not rely on the veracity of the content that follows" would do it.
It may be the only way...


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