Heading Down Under

Its taken some planning and a degree of risk-taking not normally part of my make up, but the decision has finally been made, so in January l will be packing up my belongings and family and we will be heading for the city of Auckland, New Zealand.

Having achieved so much in the delivery of innovative IT for the healthcare industry over the last decade its going to be hard to leave it all behind. However the opportunity to give my young family a better environment to grow up in, in a country with laudable national values was too good to pass up.

How is my need for shiny new gadgets going to be satiated in a country so remote and rural? I'm not sure. Certainly looking at mobile coverage maps anything outside of the cities and larger towns might prove challenging. Retaining my Nokia Lomia is likely to be a strategy for the short-term as its offline maps functionality is beyond anything else right now.

Other than that and the likelihood that technology will be more expensive I'm not too concerned.

There may be a bit of a different slant to this blog in the future though...


murrayalex said…
Wow, big move. Sure it will go well for you though Ian

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