F1: Hamilton Proves His Mettle

Lewis Hamilton has been something of an enigma since sealing his world title in 2008. The trappings of success have been very much in evidence and the advice he has been recieving since ditching his father as his manager has been mighty suspect.
His driving talent sometimes transcends those problems though and today in Korea he amply demonstrated that.
Despite a damaged car and resultant damage to his tyres and strategy he managed to drag his stricken Mclaren round to a points finish, even managing to turn it into a street sweeper for the final few laps.

Apart from wondering about the relationship between the "clunk" last weekend in Japan and the anti-rollbar failure today; it seems that Hamilton's life long relationship with Mclaren is going to end on a low. His ability to drive the wheels off his car is unquestionable though.


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