A Notable New Phone - No Question

You could hear the sniggering from miles away when Samsung first launched the Galaxy Note. Perhaps not surprising, given that it flew in the face of everything we'd been told a phone should be.

It's 5" screen was too big, it's frame was so enormous nobody would speak into one and it even had a stylus - something which apparently everyone had grown out of since the arrival of the capacitive touch screen.

I was always going to get one - my work life relies on me taking comprehensive notes. What has been so surprising is how many people have also bought themselves a Note. Somewhere north of ten million customers so far.

No surprise then, that Samsung have released a new version which is currently gaining more column inches than the iPhone 5 - quote impressive when you consider that Apple only launched it less than a fortnight ago.

First hands on with the Note 2 suggest the marriage of the best bits of the Note and SGS3. Considering how well those two phones have sold it's no surprise to hear pretty much every commentator who has tried the Note 2 awarding it the accolade of 'best smartphone you can buy today'.

Let's get one thing straight though. This is a phone and based on it's reception so far, not one that can be easily dismissed.


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