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The Troubling Unmasking of @comfortablysmug

During the worst of the recent storm that hit New York, twitter user @comfortablysmug posted false information to the micro blogging site. I'm sure he wasn't the only one and I'm also not surprised.

Some people clearly took a different view. His real world identity has been exposed,  he has lost his job and could face criminal charges.

Absolutely crazy and an adequate demonstration of the stupidity of some of the people that use twitter.

Let's recap:

Twitter is NOT a reliable news source.

Those people who re-tweeted the false posts as if it were news should face charges if anyone should. Journalists who researched what was happening by trawling Twitter should lose their jobs immediately. And face criminal charges.

Many are trying to justify the unmasking by claiming the user was "being a dick" by that measure half the population should face similar sanction on a daily basis.

Coming so soon after the Tom Daly case, Robin Hood airport case and the B…

Windows 8: Can This Gamble Work?

Remember the big hullabaloo when Windows 95 launched? What about XP? Windows Vista and Windows 7 you'll probably remember less well. Windows 8? You probably don't know that it's launched tomorrow.The new Windows 8 interface is a great leap forward for Microsoft, its sensational to look at and should work really very well on a tablet. My worry is that it's too big a change for most users who will probably retreat to the safety of Windows 7, seek out an Apple instead or abandon the desktop metaphor completely and move to iPads and Android tablets in their droves.As iOS and Android developers add more and more desktop-like functions to their software more and more users will drop off the ecosystem. After all, when a Transformer Prime offers 15-20 hours of usable battery life in a user friendly tablet/laptop hybrid design and can do most of what you want from your main computer why would you buy into Windows? Or when the iPad, teamed with an external keyboard delivers a se…

What Does Apple's Maps Screw Up Say About The Business?

Michael Mace has an awful lot of history in the mobile device industry, so when he  writes about something it's worth listening.This piece on his Mobile Opportunity blog looks at the Apple Maps launch, its focus and what it tells its about the current climate inside Apple. A must read I would say.

Mobile Opportunity: The Unanswered Question About Apple Maps

Who Needs Slide To Unlock Anyway?

Its a contentious patent to say the least. Especially as Apple has been taking advantage of the US Patent Office's sloppy governance to extend the original application. Especially as this is just an onscreen implementation of a real world action. That Microsoft had in Windows Mobile back in 2003.I'm left to wonder why everyone is rushing to add an onscreen lock action when the most sensible, usable and straightforward is to hare a physical button which does both. Asus had this very solution on the XDA Zest and I've not found a better one since.That's assuming you need to add a second action to the unlock process. Personally I disable the lock action anyway. And l've had no instances of phantom dialling yet.

F1: Hamilton Proves His Mettle

Lewis Hamilton has been something of an enigma since sealing his world title in 2008. The trappings of success have been very much in evidence and the advice he has been recieving since ditching his father as his manager has been mighty suspect.

His driving talent sometimes transcends those problems though and today in Korea he amply demonstrated that.

Despite a damaged car and resultant damage to his tyres and strategy he managed to drag his stricken Mclaren round to a points finish, even managing to turn it into a street sweeper for the final few laps.Apart from wondering about the relationship between the "clunk" last weekend in Japan and the anti-rollbar failure today; it seems that Hamilton's life long relationship with Mclaren is going to end on a low. His ability to drive the wheels off his car is unquestionable though.

A Case of Addiction

I'm not sure why it should be the case, is not like the iPhone is a particularly ugly phone, yet owners seem to get struck down with an addiction for cases that defies logic.

Its not completely unique to iPhone users, however I know more iPhone users who have epic case collections then don't.

I'm not sure whether this is a function of the enormous after market for iPhone cases or a sign of the mentality of iPhone buyers.

Renault Clio Williams To Make A Comeback

The three versions of the Clio Williams that lit up 90s hot hatch-ery are to have a modern descendant, with Autocar reporting that Renault has signed off on a new car based around their 220 bhp 1.6 turbocharged four cylinder engine. Should make for an excitable Pup of a car.

Its likely to make its way to market in 2014 by which time the Williams Renault team will have managed to improve their standing in F1 after spending over a decade in the wilderness.

Samsung Releases S3 Mini

The Galaxy Note 2 is a brilliant phone. So is the Galaxy S3. The Galaxy S3 Mini, however, looks to be a bit of a mistake from Samsung.

The specs on the new phone don't suggest a phone that's about to compete at the high end of the market with it siblings. So tagging it with the S3 moniker seriously risks diluting the brand.

Samsung already has a range of mid-market phones. That would be the sensible place to fit is Iatest device in. Unless of course they've managed to fit a quart into a pint pot and build a tip end device from mid-range components.

iPhone 5 Quick Thoughts

Had the opportunity to spend some time with the iPhone 5 today, with interesting results. Its been a big seller by all accounts, even when compared to previous iPhone launches. So, as a iPhone 4S owner (up until recently, anyway) how does the new 5 shape up?

First things first, the iPhone 5 felt less of a premium device than the 4S. In the hand it's lighter and feels less tactile. The new back and anodised black antenna (which forms the circumference of the device) don't shout quality in the same way that the glass and metal of the 4S did. I suspect most of the weight and thickness savings have come from a thinner glass front and the aluminium back panel, but personally I'd have taken the old design, a bit more weight and fragility to keep that unique feel in the hand.

Other than the larger screen and new profile (both of which feel a lot less different than mere stats would suggest) the iPhone 5 works in the same way as the 4S; the extra row of icons doesn't change t…

Inkling: Paper to Vector Graphics, by Wacom

Now this looks like another fantastic gadget to add to the collection, trumping other digital pens by creating editable vector graphics from paper sketches. You can even add layers to your images for added awesome.

At £150 this looks too good to pass up on.

Windows 8: Microsoft Needs To Refresh Its Game, Not Its OS

Windows 8 is just a few days from launch and I imagine that Microsoft and its marketing teams are going to create the biggest splash since the Windows 95 launch. Not least because this is the biggest Windows launch since 1995.

Just as Microsoft were slow in recognising the value of the internet and connected computing, I believe they have missed the boat on cloud computing - even though with Skydrive they were one of the early players. Windows 8 is supposed to be the OS that fixes that but its going to be so challenging for users that I'm struggling to see that really happening.

Don't get me wrong, Windows 8 looks fabulous and, especially if you're a previous Windows Phone user who 'gets' the new interface,  it works well where it works. For others its going to be a complete nightmare.

The problem is that good as Windows 8 looks, it doesn't work anywhere as well as Windows 7 unless you're talking about a touch device use scenario. Plenty of new devices wil…

LG Needs To Make Nexus Phone Count

LG is one of the world's biggest electronics companies. Its been trying to crack the smartphone market for a while now - with little if any success. Doesn't matter whether its Android or Windows Phone, the first 3D phone or anything else for that matter, LG just can't catch the market's imagination.

This then, represents its big play for credibility, for these blurry shots (and disguised back panel) hide the new LG phone alleged to be the next Nexus device, heralding the arrival of Android 4.2 from Google.

The appeal of a pure Nexus phone is that it represents the fast track to Android system upgrades, as new versions appear. All the same LG are going to have to deliver something special at a time when the smartphone market is weighed down with an embarrassment of riches.

Heading Down Under

Its taken some planning and a degree of risk-taking not normally part of my make up, but the decision has finally been made, so in January l will be packing up my belongings and family and we will be heading for the city of Auckland, New Zealand.

Having achieved so much in the delivery of innovative IT for the healthcare industry over the last decade its going to be hard to leave it all behind. However the opportunity to give my young family a better environment to grow up in, in a country with laudable national values was too good to pass up.

How is my need for shiny new gadgets going to be satiated in a country so remote and rural? I'm not sure. Certainly looking at mobile coverage maps anything outside of the cities and larger towns might prove challenging. Retaining my Nokia Lomia is likely to be a strategy for the short-term as its offline maps functionality is beyond anything else right now.

Other than that and the likelihood that technology will be more expensive I'm n…

A Notable New Phone - No Question

You could hear the sniggering from miles away when Samsung first launched the Galaxy Note. Perhaps not surprising, given that it flew in the face of everything we'd been told a phone should be.It's 5" screen was too big, it's frame was so enormous nobody would speak into one and it even had a stylus - something which apparently everyone had grown out of since the arrival of the capacitive touch screen.I was always going to get one - my work life relies on me taking comprehensive notes. What has been so surprising is how many people have also bought themselves a Note. Somewhere north of ten million customers so far.No surprise then, that Samsung have released a new version which is currently gaining more column inches than the iPhone 5 - quote impressive when you consider that Apple only launched it less than a fortnight ago.First hands on with the Note 2 suggest the marriage of the best bits of the Note and SGS3. Considering how well those two phones have sold it'…