Trusted Reviews Are Hard To Find

The story of two Indian bloggers and their misadventure at IFA has been doing the rounds recently. Whilst there are two sides to every story this one seems to have a third unmentioned angle.
These bloggers were flown to Germany,had their accommodation and living expenses sorted out for them and apparently were giving a lavish handout to keep them going whilst at the show. And yet through some bizarre quirk of naivety didn't realise that there were going to be expected to shill for Samsung.
The shocker here is not so much who was at fault for the misunderstanding, rather how much Samsung were prepared to spend to ensure good reviews from a pair of low level bloggers.
And you can bet that if Samsung are doing this everyone else is too. There have been whispers from many respected and popular sites about limited access to test equipment and review support following a bad review of Apple equipment and both Microsoft and Google are well known for handing out hardware at certain events.
Want to know the truth about that device you're thinking of buying? Hands-on is the only way to be absolutely sure of getting the right answer.