Five Years On!

Just realised that this blog is now five years old... as of this time last week!

Interesting to look at those early posts and see how those issues have developed.

In that first month I hit the mark quite well: posts about the way that Palm was being badly managed into an early grave and about the damage Apple was going to do to Windows Mobile. The iPod Touch has also become wildly popular with people who can't or won't run to an iPhone, again as predicted and although its not called a PDA by anyone, it is fulfilling the same role we used a PDA for in the past.

I spotted that the original iPhone wouldn't be as successful in the UK as the US due to its lack of 3G and a decent camera. When Apple rectified those omissions with the 3G that really marked the explosion of UK iPhone sales.

Lastly I moaned about the loss of big screens - the trend at the time was towards 2.8" screens and the iPhone was considered a big screen phone at 3.5". I asked for big screens because we'd find a way to carry them and I'm glad to say that's what happened - my primary phones now sport 4.7" and 5.3" screens respectively.

I'm pretty sure things went downhill from there, but thanks for coming back and reading anyway... its hard to predict what the next five years will bring but I'm sure we'll see as much change, controversy and innovation as we have in the last five.


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