Did Nokia Do Enough?

Nokia finally dropped the final leg of its Windows Phone migration strategy yesterday with the announcement of what would certainly appear to be competitive devices. But with the iPhone 5 just around the corner did the Finnish company deliver a winning product?
The 920 Pureview managed to look good, sport great functionality and pack a solid set of accessories. Yet because of the Pureview branding most of the conversation has been about the missing 33mpx.
Still, there was a good buzz about the 920 and the lower spec 820. Plenty of potential buyers were ready to whip out their credit cards and snap up a new Nokia phone.
Up until the point they saw the price. Or rather, didn't see the price, launch date or network availability.
So in a weeks time, when Apple announces the iPhone 5 will be shipping by the end of September in several countries, where do you think those potential convertees will be going?

There isnt any feature smartphone buyers like more than 'Now Shipping' and a vague promise of a handset by the holiday season just isn't going to cut it.

Nokia's only real hope is for early reviews to make the camera look so compelling that consumers are persuaded to stay their hand.

That's a big gamble with a company's whole future... especially when there's no Plan B.


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