Not Even At That Price!

The Blackberry Playbook has had something of a troubled life thus far. Missing functionality at launch, flakey tethering with RIM's own smartphones and now a victim of collapsing market share for the Canadian company.
Its no surprise that Comet has decided to clear out its stock of Playbooks. They must be hogging warehouse space at an unprecedented level! Especially with the expected arrival ot the iPad Mini and the expected voracious consumer appetite for a product Apple said it would never build.
That clearout amounts to a price of £129 for the largest 64GB version - an absolute steal.
This doesn't seem to have generated the consumer interest that Comet may have been expecting. Probably because of that incoming iPad Mini.
l suspect that RIM are going to have to take a further hit on the Playbook and reduce prices to somewhere south of £100 to clear inventory.

ln times of trouble having the good sense to focus on your core products is key to survival. History from Apple and Palm tells us that.
RIM needs the cash from these sales desperately. With just over $1bn left in the bank there are very few quarters left until the money runs out.

That should be doing a fine job of focusing some minds in Canada...


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