Nokia Pureview - Taking Cameraphones to a New Level

The Nokia Pureview 808 is a camera phone which intrigues me. Its unique in both its technology and position in the marketplace and it may stand alone in this position for many years to come. The video gives a full in depth view of the design and engineering process. 

Whilst it intrigues me I can safely say that its unlikely to tempt the credit card from my pocket any time soon, running Symbian just puts it in the 'impossible to justify' category. On Windows Phone, iOS or Android this would be a absolute home run.

I hope the size of the lens and sensor unit (responsible for the unsightly bulge on the 808) won't stop Nokia delivering this same technology on a Windows Phone 8 device later this year. If it performs like this but adds a modern OS, I'll guarantee to put my hand in my pocket for one...