Dear Microsoft, Make Xbox An Equal Partner

My Nokia Lumia 800 is great, it really is. In a device horde that includes the iPhone 4S, Galaxy Note and, up until recently, a Galaxy Nexus; the Lumia has established itself as my number one phone.

Zune Music Pass is great too. I can access my music on the Lumia, on my PC, on my Mac and on my Xbox. Having tried Spotify and We7 I can safely say its the best subscription service money can buy.

My Xbox 360 is great too, Microsoft has done a great job of developing it from a games console into a home entertainment hub with marvellous integration of uPnP to allow streaming from a NAS or PC.

A perfect ecosystem. Not quite.

Microsoft has a rather elegant solution which ties its web properties and device OS together: SkyDrive.

Want to see you photos or videos on your phone, PC or just in web browser? No problem.

Unless you want to do the same on your Xbox. It seems Microsoft has forgotten that its big play for ecosystem relevance has one really strong foot in the living room and excluded it from Skydrive.

There's no logical reason to do so - especially as Xbox users can save their game date to the cloud - presumably on a server that hosts their Skydrive data too...

Here's a really simple way to get more and more people using Skydrive and taking the ecosystem war to Apple and Google for a change.

Come on Microsoft, this is a really easy win here...