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Apple Awarded $1bn Against Samsung

Mostly bad news for Samsung as the jury in its patent trial finds that it wilfuly infringed on Apple`s bounce back and pinch to zoom. The juryvalidated Apple`s iPad shape patent but found the Samsung`s Tabs had not infringed. The jury awarded $1bn in damages - however Judge Koh could treble these on the basis that the infringement was found to be wilful.

This decision - should it stand on appeal - significantly limits the future of software development. Create a piece of software that achieves a similar thing to a competitor and you will be turned over.

I hope that Google has its notification panel patented, as Apple have ripped that off, as well as Windows Phone`s Toast notification.

I`ve said it before, but this kind of decision hurts consumers, competition and innovation. The patent laws don`t work well in the 21st Century and Apple is exploiting that to its own ends.

Apple`s most rabid fans may well celebrate this decision, but it is they who are most likely to suffer in the future.