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Windows Phone Would Sell Better As An Xbox Phone

Windows Phone is slowly starting to carve out a niche in the smartphone marketplace. Slowly being the operative word - around 1.3% of the US market and somewhere closer to 2% in Europe.

Many commentators are claiming that the Windows name is holding back sales, especially amongst the younger crowd and the phone should actually be sold as the Xbox Live Phone - or some other console related name. After all the Xbox had no problems with credibility amongst the young.

Its an interesting theory but one which would have some serious obstacles to implementation. First off, Enterprise. There's no way any business would allow its mobile communications to be moved to a gaming platform. Secondly, raised expectations. Buyers picking up an Xbox phone are almost certain to want a pretty intense gaming experience. And whilst Windows Phone gaming is comparable to other platforms, console quality it is not.

Microsoft and Nokia have set themselves a difficult task and there are no simple shortcuts to success here. Investment in advertising, subsidised phones to get the platform into people's hands and a lot of community engagement are what's going to drive market share and profits.

Its a long hard road ahead and a simple name change isn't going to make a bit of difference.