HTC Downs Apple Patents in UK, Maybe Europe-wide

Apple's attempt to prevent the sale of HTC's phones in the UK hasn't turned out brilliantly for the Cupertino company. In a landmark judication the court struck down three of the four patents asserted by Apple and cleared HTC of infringing the fourth. If upheld at appeal (because there's no doubt that Apple will appeal) then it means that Apple's main weapon in its patent war against Android - the 'slide to unlock' patent - is invalid in UK and, because of the way that EU law works - the rest of Europe.

Are we starting to see a path through all this IP craziness, where companies are allowed to patent ideas rather than inventions? This is the third failure of patent trolling in recent weeks, notably following on from a US court's decision to throw out the Apple-Motorola case in its entirety.

Time for Apple to go back to building great products, rather than engaging in pointless and inflammatory patent abuse....


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