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Google Now... The App That Boosts Your Performance

Along with the Nexus 7 and Q; Jelly Bean and lots of Project Glass information; Google launched 'Now' at I/O last week. The video promises much and apart from two things looks to be a real life enhancing application - especially for the terminally disorganised.

Those two problems? Firstly in your pocket I'm not sure that you're going to be able to get a precise enough signal to enable the sort of location information that Google is promising, so you may need to get used to working with your phone in your hand; and secondly battery life. Marginal on many phones already, with this constant polling for information and position that battery is going to take a real hammering. You may need to move away from that super-skinny smartphone if you want all that Now promises, just for battery reasons.

Have to say though, what a launch app this would be for Project Glass next year!