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F1: De Villota Accident Raises F1 Test Safety Issues Once More

The bizarre accident which cost Spanish driver Maria de Villota her right eye is evidence that even with the restricted amount of testing currently allowed when the F1 circus leaves the racetrack driver safety goes out of the window.

The accident itself was hugely unpredictable, yet the fact that the team transporter was parked in a position where it was ever possible for the collision to occur is disgraceful. De Villota was undertaking high speed straight line runs, had there been a car failure during one of these runs which ended with the car and truck colliding things could be significantly worse.

Its hard to attach blame to the Marussia team, however there is no circumstance in race weekend when a car and truck share the tarmac, F1 regulations should ensure that the same is true at testing sessions.

It is not so long ago that dismal testing safety cost the life of Elio de Angelis, these lessons need to be learned, wherever F1 cars are running.