RIM About To Make A Palm-sized Mistake?

Looks like RIM have taken the unusual step of following Palm's business strategy and as a result have switched to re-arranging the deck chairs on the Titanic rather than trying to solve their problems.

With Blackberry sales falling and both enterprise and consumer markets falling away from it, the Canadian company has decided to re-organise into hardware and software divisions, almost certainly with the intention of abandoning... I mean selling off the hardware side of its operation.

There's little merit to this strategy, the hardware division is unlikely to offer anybody a significant leg-up into the phone business (I'm thinking Amazon or Facebook as likely suitors here) and the software division has been bypassed by the ubiquitous availability of Exchange ActiveSync, which offers all the benefits of RIM's solution without the multiple high-risks of failure that the Blackberry network introduces.

I think Microsoft are the intended target of this reorganization, in the hope if Redmond buying into the phone business, but if that were on the cards I'd say Microsoft would gain much better value out of buying Nokia.


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