iOS 6 Announcement Disappoints

Apple unveiled its next iteration of iOS at the WWDC last week and there was little to excite in this preview.

Apple's main piece of work was to remove Google Maps and replace it with their own, TomTom sourced application. Its a strange decision which actually makes the iPhone less usable than before. The loss of functionality is striking.

Updates to Siri mainly focus on US functionality and other minor feature updates, like Facebook integration, do little to excite.

With iOS falling further and further behind the competition in its UI and UX Apple needed to do something better than this.

Either it wasn't able to break out of the shackles it has made itself and iOS will become as stagnant and outdated as Mac OS in its final 8 and 9 versions prior to the arrival of OS X, or the iPhone 5 is such a leap forward in design that it doesn't matter what Apple offers on it software wise.

Either way an iPhone is a bad thing to be buying just at the moment. As the 4S is bested on all sides. Wait for the new hardware if you're an Apple fan, go elsewhere if you're not tied to the company through its ecosystems.


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