Android Jelly Bean On Its Way

Looks like Android 4.1, aka Jelly Bean is getting closer to shipping. A Google page for the Galaxy Nexus clearly states that phone buyers will be getting the latest version of the OS when their phone ships. Putting a likely date for launch somewhere in the next couple of weeks.

The 4.1 designation suggests Jelly Bean is a minor upgrade to Ice Cream Sandwich. A good thing too, given that the latter has only just breached 7% penetration on currently live handsets.

Mind you, with Google surely not far away from announcing a million handsets a day being sold to customers that Android landscape can change all too quickly - especially for the competition!

Apart from the Galaxy Nexus - which is a Google Experience handset - there's no information on which phones will see the upgrades, but its likely that HTC and Samsung will be all over this, for their later models at least...


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