Poor iPhone Signal

I've recently come to realise that my experience of O2's dreadful network performance didn't mirror that of some of my friends. Last week I drove the 140 miles from Coventry to Ormskirk and for only 22 miles of that journey did my iPhone manage to grab a 3G signal.

Given that we're talking about travelling along the M1 and M6 motorways it just didn't seem very likely that the problem was O2 related.

I decided to get myself a SIM card adapter and see where the problem really lies. Having fitted the new franken-SIM into my Galaxy Nexus I have already discovered that areas where the iPhone can only find a 2G network are actually 3G or better areas of coverage when the SIM card is in the Samsung phone.

I'm now convinced that my iPhone has a faulty antenna or some other service impacting problem.

I'll soon be rerunning the trip to Coventry and I'm looking forward to seeing the result of using the I phone's SIM in a phone which isn't suffering from antenna issues...


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