iPhone Is Still King In The Hand

Over the last few years all of the advantages that made the iPhone the best smartphone money can buy have been gradually worn away as competitors using Android or Windows Phone platforms have innovated past Apple's offering.

There's one are where no one has yet managed to approach the iPhone 4/4S yet thought - its tactile brilliance.

There's no questioning that Apple got the 4 just right in terms of materials, weight and balance. It is a beautiful device to hold and use.

Yes the screen and camera have been surpassed and large chunks of usability are lacking, but to pick up and hold in the hand the iPhone has no equal. It's a shame that so many people wrap their iPhones up in nasty cases and never experience that wonderfulness.

With the iPhone 5 mooted for an appearance later this year I wonder what Apple can deliver to best this lovely tactile experience?


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