Trains - Are They Really Any Good?

Is it just me or does the national rail network completely fail to make a case for rail travel?

As things stand the service is expensive, inconvenient and of limited use to most travellers. Going point to point on a mainline train is bearable, anything else deeply unpleasant.

That's not to say it couldn't be better, but only as a result of major investment that just isn't an option in the current climate.

So here's an idea Mr Cameron.

Sell the rights to the mainline infrastructures to foreign investors to dig up the track and re-lay them as toll roads.

Structure them around several interchange hubs and allow coach companies to run high speed bus services between them. Allow cars to use them too, but segregated from the bus lanes.

Net result? A better service for passengers, reduced congestion for drivers and a healthy slug of income for the beleaguered national purse...