New Civic Designed By Chimpanzee

Well that's what it seems like.

I've started to see the new 2012 Civic on UK roads in the last few weeks and frankly its hideous. Here's a picture if you haven't suffered the unpleasant experience of laying eyes on one in the metal:

Honda Civic 2012

Notice the way the front and rear seem to have been designed by teams from different evolutionary lines. Its bizarre that they could have got things wrong, considering that this is essentially a nose and tail refresh of the previous model, which was one of the best looking cars out there, with its jet fighter inspired glass house and sharp ends. Even in its most basic, economy model it looked stunning.

Honda Civic 2011
Here's the old model for comparison. I suspect these will rise in value on the second-hand market as the result of the launch of the new 2012 model. All I can say is, someone at Honda's design centre should have gone to Specsavers....


I totally agree. What a crap design. I have the version in your pic although not the type r unfortunately and it's much nicer.

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