Bluetooth Toggle Gets App Store Boot

Anyone who has an iPhone will tell you what a pain it is to enable or disable Bluetooth. Compared to Android, where a swipe down on the notification bar offers you shortcuts to toggle pretty much all of your standard settings (including Bluetooth) its a ball ache.

Cue Bluetooth Toggle - an iPhone app that does, well pretty much that, toggle your Bluetooth status. Just what I need you're saying to yourself, where can I get it? Well, not in the App Store, that's for sure. Apple has revoked the app for illegally using private APIs and its now only available through the various jailbreak stores.

Leaving aside the matter of how it was approved in the first place, who's interests does this move serve? I suspect those iPhone users who would use it won't care how it works - or even that the next revision of iOS might break it (the only legitimate concern if this is the only failing of the app).

Apple must have seen the demand for this tool from the number of downloads it had received, proving that even iPhone users sometimes need to go 'off message' when it comes to Apple.

The solution? Either Apple delivers similar functionality itself (which skirts dangerously close to adding widgets to the operating system) or gives the developers legitimate access to the Bluetooth API. Most likely scenario? Bluetooth Toggle disappears forever, iPhone users conveniently forget it ever existed and suffer forever.


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