Questions of Scale

Apple announced that it had achieved 3 million sales of the new iPad this weekend, its first on sale.
That's impressive by any measure and I'm willing to bet that in terms of market share that represents absolute market domination.
At the same time its fair to say that the competition has caught up and in some cases, surpassed the iPad's feature set.
As a piece of hardware its difficult to see how the iPad makes sense.
On the other hand, developers and accessory suppliers are vying to be first to market with the add-ons that make the iPad such a compellirg purchase.
Its interesting that there's only a £70 difference between the iPads - Suggesting Apple doesn't have the inventory problem that afflicted the original iPad when the second generation device launched.
Whilst apple hasn't done anything innovative with the new iPad it has shown the competition how big a task they face in overhauling it...