F1: Rivals Question Mercedes Aero tricks

During preseason testing the Mercedes team were very careful to keep the fear of the new 2012 car well covered and away from prying eyes. It seems that Ross Brawn and his team have got the jump on their rivals with a neat aerodynamic trick that should net them a smalI but tactically important straight line speed advantage.

The trick involves a small duct that is uncovered when the DRS system is activated. Air is channeled along the car and released into the front wing area to 'stall' the front wing.

Rival teams have claimed that the DRS is driver operated and therefore cannot be used for aerodynamic advantage. Which seems a highly suspect argument to me. And it would appear that FIA Technical Delegate Charlie Whiting agrees, having cleared the setup in its design phase.

Let's hope that an appeal isn't allowed to detract from the racing and the other teams choose the option to copy rather than protest.

F1 desperately needs some variety at the front of the field. lnnovation is the only way to guarantee that...


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