Would You Compromise Capability For Battery Life?

Asus has done a magnificent job of making its Transformer Prime stretch out the battery hours - the claim is that 18 hours ae possible and I have no problems believing that based on my experiences so far.

Which given the size difference between the Asus and regular ultraportables begs the question: would you forego some functionality to have a device that runs forever in an ultraslim form factor?

Its a compromise worth considering. Unless you need to run a particular piece of software that only runs on Mac or PC the limitations aren't huge. The Android Market contains software to do just about anything you might want to do on a portable device, from development to mind maps, note-taking to game playing. The very capable browser also means that most web tools are available to you as well - even if there are some limitations in using a touch orientated browser to access mouse driven web content.

The payback is formidable. Against the MacBook Air for example, the Prime allows you to pocket £350, has build quality and aesthetics close to the Apple product; can be used to do pretty much anything the MBA can, yet weighs less and lasts two and a half to three times as long on one charge...

Will the new breed of Ultrabooks offer a better compromise? I'm guessing not...

So, a compromise worth making?


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