Why The FA Is Wrong About John Terry

The Football Association has decided to strip John Terry of the captaincy of the England football team following allegations that he racially abused another player during a game for his club. Terry will face charges in court relating to the offence later this summer.
This is wrong in so many ways.
As far as I am aware the UK still retains the legal principle of the presumption of innocence, the FA's actions reverse the principle and condemn the man before a court has had a chance to decide his fate.
Secondly, there's an air of hypocrisy in the way he has been stripped of the captaincy yet still remains eligible to play for the team. Either the FA has judged him and he should be barred from the team or they await the trial and allow England manager Fabio Capello to choose whether he remains captain or not.
Fabio Capello's comments on Italian media criticising the FA have been themselves roundly condemned - mostly by the BBC - yet the BBC website has been inundated with support for Capello's position.
Racial abuse is something that must be stamped out, but not at the cost of our historical and legally prevailing rights. Should John Terry be found guilty under our judicial process then he should be punished at that time. Not by a lynching mob in the ivory towers of the FA and the BBC.


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