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Samsung: Time For A Tablet Rethink

About a year ago Samsung looked like it was going to be a major player in the tablet market. The original Galaxy Tab had a small but committed market and was pumping in some reasonable sales figures.

Problem is that sometime in the last 12 months Samsung decided that the way forward was to flood the market with different tablet devices. The company went from having a strong line-up, with 10.1" and 7" versions of the Tab both outgunning the iPad and other Android tablets; to having too many different tablets all occupying different niches of the same market. Its a strategy that confuses potential buyers and has hurt sales. HTC has a similar problem in the phone market right now.

Samsung needs to get back to basics - two models at the small and large ends of the scale, consistent connections and accessories and a road map that doesn't obselete its own products within weeks of launch.