Is The Stylus Making A Comeback? Looks Like It...

The Samsung Galaxy Note has made something of an impact since its unveiling late last year. The 5.3" phone/tablet hybrid makes a virtue out of its stylus and its ability to take handwritten notes and annotate documents.

Despite being told for years that stylii are the devil's spawn and nobody could ever countenance using one ever again, it appears that people are suddenly realising that one of the key benefits of having a large touchscreen is its ability to mimic a piece of paper. Anyone who has previously used a Windows Mobile device with Evernote will have spent the last few years bemoaning the loss of that functionality.
In fact its very noticeable that the tech forums which were populated by WM and Palm users of yore, pre-dating the iPhone revolution, have seen massive take-up of the Galaxy Note by contributors.
Now the arrival of a 5" screen hybrid from LG promises to tip the genre into a mini-bandwagon. In the same way that the Note has moved on the game from HTC's Flyer, the first intrepetation of a touchscreen/sylus combo.

Which is excellent news, especially if you've ever tried to use a finger, hot-dog sausage or capacitive stylus to try and take notes on your finger friendly screen!


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