iPad 3 Announcement March 7th

Apple has been inviting its favoured technorati to an event on March 7th where iPad 3 will arrive along with an updated Apple TV.

The big news on the iPad looks to be a newer higher resolution display, which is all well and good but for me doesn't address the shortcomings that make the iPad less than useful. Sure for the things that its good at: web browsing (minus Flash sites of course), email and some very nice creation apps its very good.

Doesn't stop some very serious niggles - unlike Google's tablets which happily run apps designed for phones, the iPad makes a real hash of running non-optimised apps - a clumsy solution which is only likely to get worse with the addition of a second iPad-only resolution...

I don't doubt that the new iPad will be joyously welcomed by the faithful. Me I look upon it as a missed opportunity and I don't see the new one fixing that...




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