I'm Getting Tired Of Apps

Call it fatigue, call it annoyance but whatever it may be its starting to make me long for the good old days when no-one had heard of or used smartphone outside of a small exclusive group of uber-nerds.

There are far too many companies out there doing 'an app' because everyone else is doing one as well. No concept of the value to the business or customer; no real reason to do it either. How many apps have you used recently where the companies web site provided all the same features and information without having to clutter your phone with a single purpose application?

Its not true of all apps and there are some very good pieces of software out there. They're quite hard to find amongst the several hundred pieces of pointless gulf though.

Perhaps having sat in a meeting with some fairly clueless/gullible marketing and business level people who seemed to be sucked in by the ridiculous claims of the company presenting to them has coloured my judgement today, but it should be clear to anybody that going out to buy a solution and then trying to find a problem to wrap it around is a totally arse about face way of doing things.

The most important app on any smartphone should be the browser. We shouldn't have to do more than browse to a page on a website to find the information we're looking for and we certainly shouldn't have to download an app from an app store to find out about your company. Are you listening out there in big business land?


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