Fabio Capello Takes The High Ground - English Press Fails To Notice

So the John Terry affair ends with England manager Fabio Capello tendering his resignation to the FA, who were glad to accept it.

The English press has painted this as a result of Capello's outburst on Italian TV at the weekend, where he criticised the FA's decision to strip Terry of the England captaincy. The barely hidden subtext is that the smarmy Italian has been booted out for his stance.

And of course the press's desire to have Harry Redknapp in the job can now be realised at least six months early.

Yet the case remains that Capello's point is valid - Terry has been convicted without trial - and Capello's backing of his captain speaks of loyalty beyond the undertanding of the tabloid trash - and, bizarrely, the BBC.

Were Terry to be found guilty do we think that Capello would have continued to back him? Based on his previous problems - adultery with a team-mate's ex - which lost him the captaincy, I'm guessing not...