What Does The Future Hold For Apple TV?

There are huge rumours that Apple are about to launch a TV into the crowded consumer market. It's an interesting theory but does it seem likely?

I'm not overly convinced. TVs aren't something that we replace on a short cycle and there are limited benefits that Apple can add to the device to make it a value proposition for the average consumer. Maybe a slicker control interface but that isn't going to really justify a huge Apple markup...

If Apple do launch one I'd expect it to compete with things like the Bang & Olufsen range, high on design but very niche.

However Apple already has a product which is just waiting to go gangbusters in the market: Apple TV.

Here's a £99 box which immediately makes your TV part of your home network, adds streaming features and has huge untapped potential. If Apple opens an app marketplace and adds a controller to the Apple TV the days of Nintendo, Xbox and Playstation will be gone forever.

And cable and satellite broadcasters should be quaking in their boots too.

Couple that with Apple's wide collection of content, it's deep pockets and ability to bid for high value sports events and you can really see why Tim Cook has a thing for this little black box.

Apple stands on the cusp of the sort of media revolution which would make what's gone before seem like gentle ripples on the pond of technology.


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