RIM: Doomed, On The Bounce or a New Business Model?

It's been a crazy couple of years for RIM, for a long time now the Canadian company has appeared to be in something a death spiral - a bit like Palm before it. This week it dumped its twin CEOs, appointed a man who seems placed to market the company to potential buyers.

Not looking good then.

RIM does have one saving grace: as its market share collapses and the enterprise market it once lorded over starts to look at alternative solutions for push email it has stumbled onto the youth market, where Blackberry Messenger has been embraced for it's free, unlimited messages model.

These customers are RIM's to lose, if it handles them properly then it has a ready-made lifeline.

How does it do this? It needs to give them grown-up phones which pander to the easy messaging solution they've been used to and have the design and quality that Apple have engendered in its whole product line.

It's a tightrope, but if the new management team at RIM can see beyond a quick sell off then its one they can traverse.


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