Nokia Lumia Discount Points To Disappointing Sales

Nokia's relaunch under Windows Phone may not be going as well as the Finnish giant or Microsoft would have hoped. At least that's the conclusion I fear that will have to be made based on an astonishing offer currently available to UK buyers at Argos.

Launched at £400+ just a few scant week ago, Argos now has the Lumia 800 in black (admittedly the least flattering colour for the handset) for a eye-watering £120 - including free delivery.

Now I can't imagine that discount is available because the Lumia has been flying out of the door... Which is a shame because it's a decent Windows Phone handset, with a very good camera. However there's little that Nokia have been able to do to differentiate the Lumia from its rivals in the WP7 marketplace. It's good looking and lovely to hold. That wasn't enough to justify a price way north of the HTC Radar's sub £300 entry level.

Anyway, if you were looking for an opportunity to try out WP7 this is a bargain way of doing it...


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