DLNA: Time To Shape Up

One of the more common accessories appearing for mobile phones and tablets today is an HDMI accessory.

After all, with the capability of recording and playing back HD content, added to the number of options for buying HD movie content on device, it's not surprising that we're all keen to watch on the big screen whenever possible.

Look at the number of devices which can handle media content - Personal NAS, games consoles, cameras, etc. - and the cable suddenly looks like a very sloppy solution.

This is where the Digital Living Network Alliance comes in. This group owns the self titled standard which is supposed to allow all these pieces of technology to talk to each other seamlessly.

Shame then that it doesn't work.

Not that it can't do. Apple has proven that at least they can get their devices to use a wireless standard that talks to TVs (via Apple TV), other (Apple) devices and all manner of speaker/home stereo systems through AirPlay.

Go and search on Amazon for AirPlay speakers. Then do the same for DLNA ones. Shocking? If you're a member of the DLNA then it should be.

My advice? Sort the standard out or shut it down. This halfway house where devices from different manufacturers don't work with each other because of the customisations they've added is untenable and should be halted immediately.

By the end of this year I want to see every network connected media device (be it picture frame, speakers, NAS or smartphone) able to talk to every other device using a working DLNA standard.

I will accept no excuses.


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