Apple To Do Text Books?

Apple have been inviting tech journos and bloggers to a special event in New York which, reliable sources tell us, will be the launch of a school text book service.

It's been regularly suggested that electronic text books are the future of education and many US school districts have furnished their students with laptops are tablets for exactly that purpose.

Problem is that the books aren't there - yet.

Apple's plan is even more ground breaking than first appears, as we're also told that the company has been recruiting authors in several fields and paying them to write new text books which the company then plans to give away gratis.

Mad as it seems this is a brilliant step by Apple, if true. Already big in the education space, Apple could effectively tie out the competition by making an Apple only format for text books that promotes the sale of more and more Apple hardware.

Not got an iPad? Then you'll be starting at a disadvantage. It's not unfeasible that schools and colleges could in the future build the cost of an iDevice into course costs or make them a prerequisite for attending.

Nobody else out there has the end to end package and funds to do this.

Microsoft has the funds, as does Google. Only Apple can make it work though.

And for Apple the beauty is that it's competition can't poach the idea.

Text book publishers, if this comes to fruition, your days are numbered...


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