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EU To Investigate Apple And Samsung

There's an air of inevitability about this one, as the EU announces that it will investigate the current global patent battle between Apple and Samsung for what they believe are anti-competitive practices.

Apple's tactics in defending the iPad and iPhone have been particularly underhand and indefensible. The recent Netherlands case that found that the Galaxy S2 infringed in a very minor way in how the gallery scrolled is a perfect example of the inappropriate nature of these patents.

Hopefully the EU will bin the lot of them and force Apple to compete on features  rather than in the  courts...

How Can Microsoft Sell WP7?

Microsoft's market share in the smartphone arena is hovering around the 1% mark - about the lowest its ever been. As users and businesses migrate away from Windows Mobile they aren't necessarily switching to Windows Phone. The rapid growth of the Android sector, particularly in the £50-100 market segment, isn't helping by skewing the figures for everybody else. The launch of Nokia's WP7 devices will certainly boost sales and initial reception of the Finnish devices has been very good.

Nevertheless, Microsoft have a problem that they have to address. They aren't winning the battle to drag in new smartphone buyers because there are no Windows Phones in the lower price bracket (yet) and they aren't converting iOS or Android users because of the resistance to Microsoft as a brand.

So how can they fix this?

Well the first thing would be to address the number of different niche demands that different user groups have.

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FXI Promises To Make Any Screen An Android

In terms of ultimate cool, this could be the tech heads choice. A HDMI dongle which runs Android Gingerbread, packs a dual-core Samsung processor, Bluetooth and Wifi and draws its power from the HDMI port on your TV.

Plug this in and you have instant internet on your regular TV.

Plug it into your laptop and you've got thin-layer access to Android on that.

The combination of Android, WiFi and an micro-SD card slot make this a pretty powerful tool for media in the home/hotel and, assuming that FXI deliver a solid remote control solution for smartphones, makes the Apple TV look hugely limited.

Price is likely to be $200 and availabilty is set for early 2012.

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HTC Rolls Out Internet Sharing To WP7

Last night HTC pushed out an update to Windows Phone 7, although there was no indication of what changes were in the update. However having had a quick look through the settings it appears that internet sharing is now available!

That's exceptionally good news and proves that Microsoft and HTC are looking to deliver the best user experience to Windows Phone 7 customers.