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Showing posts from November 6, 2011

Why You Should Be Using Windows Phone 7

As far as arguments go this is a very persuasive one for Windows Phone and does a great job of explaining why Microsoft have done a better job of the user interface than Apple or Google.

Mobile OS Fragmentation - Why Its Unimportant

You'll have probably seen the interesting chart mapping iOS and Android updates on phones sold in the US, which was published on the Understatement blog. It's asks some very big questions and paints Android buyers in a hard done by light. I should also say, if you read other posts on the blog it's published from a solidly pro-Apple point of view. That shouldn't detract from the points he makes.

However there is a bigger picture which hasn't really been focused upon: how much is the user impacted by these issues. I'd argue not very much.

The reasons why Android phones don't receive updates are various but mostly valid.

Google has a punishing schedule of adding functionality to Android which means that update flow much more quickly than other platforms.

Secondly, OEMs are producing a much wider choice of smartphones, at multiple price and functionality points. This makes it much harder to keep phones on the latest revision of the software and also means t…

Sebastian Loeb Motor Sport Legend

Frenchman Sebastian Loeb has sealed his eighth consecutive World Rally Championship at Rally GB.

That's some kind of achievement, beside which the legends of other disciplines look a bit more ordinary. Remember that this isn't the relatively sanctified world of track racing, this is triple digit speeds down forest tracks, ice stages gravel stages and all points inbetween.

NUFC Fans Are Nuts!

You know it's hard to feel sorry for Mike Ashley but Newcastle United supporters have pretty much made it happen.

Here the club stand at the dizzy heights of third in the Premier League, still unbeaten in mid-November (has that ever happened before?) and the fans are still calling for their chairman's head.

Really? Are you sure?

What's the big man's crime this time?

He's decided to rename the stadium from St. James' Park to The Sports Direct Arena. Sports Direct being the business providing the funding to allow him to do things like buy Newcastle United. The fans are livid. And I really can't understand why. No one is forcing them to call it by its new name, if they object to other people calling it the Sports Direct Arena then they'll just have to put their hands over their ears...

Newcastle United fans average around 40,000 a game. If they feel so strongly about it then I suggest they form a collective, raise £4,000 each and buy the club from Ashley. …

Flash Is Dead...

Adobe have announced that Flash for Devices is not much longer for this world, with one last update set to sneak out before the curtain comes down.

Whilst its being seen as vindication of Apple's policy of refusing to support Flash on the iPhone there's a wider issue to consider: does Flash have any future on the web?

The answer is probably no, without mobile clients going forward the drive to dump Flash for HTML5 gets even stronger. Flash will disappear for good and Adobe will probably go with it!

A Victory For Common Sense

Whatever else happens in this week's football involving England and Wales an important victory has already been won.

The players of both teams will be allowed to wear poppies on black armbands to participate in Remembrance Day.

The outrageous behaviour of FIFA in initially denying the teams this right has been roundly condemned and rightly so, this is symptomatic of the sort of mindless fascism which soldiers fought to defeat in two World Wars.

To suggest that remembering their bravery and sacrifice could be construed as a political or religious message is unbelievably insulting and the idiots responsible should be dismissed without further delay.

FIFA has time and time displayed its absolute disregard for common sense and fair play and should be stripped of its ownership of world football with similar speed.

I for one wear my poppy with pride, one only needs to travel the fields of Northern France to see why. To those brave men who gave their lives to make the world a better…