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Showing posts from August 28, 2011

New Land Rover Defender Concept Promises Much

The image above represents step one in a four year journey to replace
the venerable Land Rover Defender. Jaguar Land Rover have probably got
the most difficult task since BMW designed the Mini and the DC100 (as
this concept is known) will appear at Frankfurt later this month to
gauge public reaction.

Personally I'm quite pleased with the look of this concept, however
numerous readers of motoring websites haven't given it quite as good a
reaction. Still, that's one of the reasons thr JLR are putting this
out there.

The guys at Kilometre magazine have used this image to create long
wheel base and crew cab versions of the concept car and to my eyes
these look even better then the three door (which had a hint of Skoda
Yeti around the rear profile) so it certainly feels like it could be
as flexible as the current Defender in that respect.

Roll on Frankfurt, when we can get a proper look at the concept in the
metal and form some proper opinions.

HTC Announces First Mango Phones

HTC officially outed it's two new WP7.5 devices today, with
availability touted for the beginning of October, in the UK at least.
The two phones cover the high and middle ground of the smartphone
market. The Titan sports a 4.7" SLCD screen, a large aperture, backlit
8m pixel main camera and 1.3m pixel forward facing camera for video
chat. Power comes from a 1.5GHz single core processor and the chassis
is the latest version of HTC's unibody aluminium construction.
Apart from confirming the trend to large footprint, super skinny
phones the Titan looks like being a pretty impressive entry for Mango
flavoured phones into the European market.
Nokia and Samsung will have to go some to come up with a more
impressive round 2 Windows Phone...

Galaxy Note Validates Streak, Just As Dell Kills It!

Dell had ploughed a lonely furrow with the Streak, dismissed as too
small for a tablet and too big for a smartphone by those who didn't
get it.
Samsung apparently saw the unique capabilities of the five inch form
factor and as a result the rather fantastic looking Galaxy Note has
been announced today packing similar dimensions and screen size.
Shame it comes as Dell has EOL'ed the Streak with no likely
replacement on it's way either...

Consistency, It Would Be Nice To Get Some

Within the last week two European courts have ruled in Apple v Samsung cases, apparently furnished with the same evidence and decision to make, yet their rulings are so different as to defy belief.
In brief the Dutch case ruled that Samsung's Galaxy Tab 10.1 did not infringe Apple's community design patent and could therefore continue to make it's way into Europe through Dutch ports whilst a court in Germany decided that it did and barred sales of the Tab until 9th September pending further hearings.
Setting aside the ridiculous nature of the community design patent, both these cases technically set a precedent that should apply across the European Union. 
Good luck with that one then!