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F1: DRS At Monaco? What Madness Is This?

It appears that the FIA have told F1 teams thay DRS will be used at Monaco, somewhat against expectations. Which begs one question, whereabouts on the circuit is it going to be safe to use?

The only real overtaking spot on the streets of Monaco is on the short run down from Casino Square to the Tip Top bar... and that's surely not long enough for the stalled wing to make a difference.

It's use in qualifying however offers plenty of opportunity for disaster... especially in the tunnel and on the start 'straight' down to Ste. Devote.

Not a brilliant decision on the part of the FIA I'd say.

Someone Has It In For Sony!

After the chaos and negative publicity generated by the Playstation Network and Qriocity breach and downtime over the last couple of weeks the last thing Sony needed was another problem.

So when it's Online Entertainment site went down yesterday it didn't look like a good sign. Turns out it was a very bad sign indeed. Sony has been the victim of another breach, this time leading to the release of over twelve thousand credit card numbers.

I wonder how many people are going to entrust Sony with their purchases and details after the last couple of weeks of chaos?

Football: Well Done Norwich City

It's good to see Norwich City back in the Premier League after what seems like much more than six years away. Hopefully we'll be treated to some more moments of Delia madness!

Norwich become the first team to score back-to-back promotions to the Premier League since Man City, 11 years ago. A quite remarkable achievement when you consider thay they started last season by getting thumped 7-1 at home to Colchester...

That's some turnaround by Paul Lambert and his team, let's hope the board keep confidence in him if the going gets tough next season...

White iPhone Thickness Nonsense

There seems to be some disagreement as to whether the white iPhone 4 is thicker than the black one or not. The difference has been measured to be as much as 0.2mm.

Seriously, who gives a stuff?

Try and measure 0.2mm... it's a ridiculously small number and as a proportion of the iPhone's 9.3mm thickness amounts to an insignificance...

I've seen some people trying to categorise it as a problem when buying a case, in my experience manufacturing tolerances in most cases will more than account for such a small difference.

If it even exists...